Virtual Tour 3 Juvenile & Young Adult

Virtual Tour 3 Juvenile & Young Adult

Posted on Monday May 11, 2015 at 01:34PM

This week's stop on our virtual Tour contains our Juvenile and Young Adult Fiction and our growing collection of graphic novels for all ages.  Our ESL resources can also be found here, along with Adult non-fiction from 000 to 333.  The fiction titles in this area are shelved separately, depending on whether they are part of a series. 
Juvenile series, juvenile and Young Adult titles
Young Adult series, Adult and children's graphic novels... featuring our posters drawn by Guest artists from Happy Harbour Comics
Young Adult series... there's those awesome posters again ;)
Juvenile series M-Z and juvenile stand alone titles.... curl up & read
Non-fiction 000 to 333 and ESL resources.

Author: Alice Melnyk Public Library


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